How to Make Your Car Difficult to Tow

images (12)Usually when a car is towed, it is towed because the owner of that car parked in an unauthorized parking spot. Sometimes, however, the car being towed is actually being stolen. Either way, people do not like to have their car towed. People have found ways to make it difficult for their car to be towed though not to prevent it completely. This at least helps to buy the car owner with some time. Although parking in an authorized parking space is more recommended, here are different ways to make a car difficult to tow just in case.

Parking a car in a certain spot can help make towing difficult. One of the best ways is parallel parking, in which the car is parked between two other cars from front to back. If that is not an option, then the car could be parked near a full curb from the front or the back. Parking a car a certain way could also help, specifically with the wheels in mind. When a car is parked, the wheel can be turned a certain way so as to make it even more difficult for the car to be towed.

Settings in a car can be adjusted to help increase the difficulty of towing. While parked, the car’s wheels could be locked to completely immobilized the car. That may not be as easy to figure out, which is why the car also has both a parking and emergency break. For cars with a four-wheel-drive, they could be set to 4-HI or 4-LO. While in these settings, however, the 4WD must be disabled so as not to cause any long-term damage.

Finally, adding certain items to a car can buy the owner more time before the car is towed. One such item would be a steering wheel locking device. People can visit web to obtain this item if it is not available in stores nearby. Another way people can buy time before having their car towed is putting a Hazchem warning symbol on their car that reads “Pressurized non-flammable gas.” This, however, would only apply to vehicles in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and the United Kingdom.

There are many other ways for people to prepare their cars from being towed immediately. People could either visit website and learn more about these methods or just get caught in a web of troubles in the case that their car was towed right when they left the store. Whether to help prevent cars from being stolen or just buy time for the car owners, the methods given here can sure make towing more difficult.

Motorcycle Passenger Safety Tips

download (14)Motorcycles are fun and exciting and it can be a thrill to take a ride on one as a passenger. However, caution must be used as being a passenger on a motorcycle can be dangerous if a person doesn’t take into consideration the various safety guidelines associated with this mode of transportation. From basic safety procedures such as wearing a helmet to more advanced procedures such as managing one’s weight distribution are also very important. This blog post will go over several important safety tips for riding as a passenger on a motorcycle.

Getting on the MotorcycleEven something as simple as getting onto the motorcycle as a passenger has safety precautions that one must follow. The first rule is to never get on the motorcycle until the driver says that it is okay to do so. This is due to the fact that the weight change could tip the motorcycle over if the driver doesn’t expect it. It is also important to get on the motor cycle from the left side. This can help the passenger to avoid touching any hot exhaust pipes. Finally, the passenger should always make sure the passenger footpegs are down before getting on the motorcycle.

Using the Footpegs

The passenger on a motorcycle should always keep their feet on the foot pegs. This include when the bike is stopped and the driver is focusing on keeping it balanced. One of the main reasons for this is that if the passenger does not keep their feet on the footpegs they might make contact with the rear wheel, muffler, drive chain, or other critical/dangerous components of the motorcycle. Also one should be sure to ask the driver if there are any additional motorcycle safety tips that are applicable to their style of bike regarding the footpegs.

Wearing a Helmet

The most important motorcycle passenger safety tip is to always wear a helmet when riding. The helmet should fit snugly on a person’s head and not be possible to twist around backwards or sideways yet still allow movement of the head and neck itself. In the event of a crash, a motorcycle helmet is often times what separates a serious injury from death for both the passenger and the driver. Never ride a motorcycle with out wearing a helmet. In some areas, it is mandatory to wear a helmet or face a penalty of heavy fines.

How to learn to ride a motorcycle

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So you have already bought your first motorcycle from a local dealer for a great price. Now, how do you learn to ride it?

If you are like most people, you may be thinking that riding a motorcycle always came to you as an instinct since you owned that two-wheeled ride-on at age 5. Unfortunately, riding a motorcycle is quite different than riding a toy because motorcycles catch up with speed faster than you read this sentence. Furthermore, there are no airbags or seat-belts in them so you need to be extra cautious while riding. With motorcycles, you are in the wind and wearing your protection yourself. Screw up on a bike and you are injuring yourself more than the damage caused to the bike. However, with proper lessons and training, you are minimizing the risks and placing the odds in your favor.What you need is some proper training. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation is dedicated to providing various training programs to first-time and experienced bikers. Visit website and you will see that many of these programs are part of state programs that are officially declared as safe and best. Some states have provided these programs to close to the entire population that rely on motorcycles. These programs will teach you the techniques to control brake, throttle, clutch and much more. As you learn, you will have the opportunity to get better with advanced courses as well. You will learn to ride like everybody else is drunk or impaired.Now for the lessons. When you are riding a motorcycle make sure to look far down the road. The best riders are those that anticipate potential collision. They are able to see a big vehicle at the entrance ramp and maneuver easily long before the vehicle merges. Another thing to consider while learning to ride a motorcycle is to wear a helmet at all times no matter how long it would take to reach your destination. A helmet is designed to protect your head from hitting a tree, during a fall from a ride and other situations. Only practice will make you a best driver. So practice riding on a good surface and be familiar with using brakes. Find a parking lot where you can practice without obstacles and with varying speed. Finally, learn to maintain your vehicle. Make sure to have a towing number and the number for a locksmith handy if there is a need to tow during accidents.

Car Towing Trailer

ctCar towing services are often needed for roadside emergencies, flat tires, car lockouts and running out of gas, to name only a few road and car necessities. Prestige Towing Ottawa offers services for professional towing. Certain municipalities frequently have their own rules about towing trucks and the professional services that they offer.

A 24/7 towing service is used for breakdowns on the highway and for major car repairs. Often this type of towing is requested, when the driver is broken down on the highway and is without a back up travel arrangement. A tow truck service is bonded, licensed and insured by the local and state regulatory agencies that oversee car and driver emergencies. Calling a licensed towing service is one option. Some car insurance policies come with a separate roadside assistance service that may be used. In this type of instance, calling an insurance carrier about the problem is usually how the emergency is managed.
Running out of gas is another roadside emergency that may need a car towing service. Private car towing companies can directly deliver the needed gas. Flat tires can be changed or replaced, by a towing service within a certain radius. Car lockouts are another service that a car towing company can provide. The car lockout technicians are bonded, insured and licensed to provide either re-keying services for car ignition keys or open trunk services, for example.Car towing services can either be used to assist a driver who has broken down on the road, or can be used to transport a vehicle to a repair shop. If a car is not able to be started, then, a towing service can easily take the car to a repair service garage. Information about garage repair services is critical to know about. A car may need major or minor repairs. Scratch and dent repairs and touch up services are available at a local body shop. Rental car arrangements may be needed, if an automobile is being repaired for a number of days.Insurance companies offer car towing as a part of their basic roadside assistance coverage. Processing an insurance claim can be easy and straight forward. Private, repair work that is not covered by insurance may need to be looked into, if there are repairs that are not covered by a standard car insurance claim. Knowing what services are covered for which emergency is important preparation.

How To Tow A Big Boat


When people want to tow a large boat, they need to make sure that they have spent a great deal of time planning to haul that boat. Towing a large boat is a complicated process, and it must be handled with care. The driver who plans ahead to tow their boat will be able to create a plan that will get their boat to and from the water safely, or they can use the recommended towing service in Houston.
The Rig
The rig that is used is based on the size of the boat. The boat must be rated by weight, and the rig must be purchased to support the weight of the boat. Using a rig that is too small will cause the boat to be unstable when it is being driven down the road. Also, the smaller rig will not be able to hold the weight of the boat for long periods of time.
Drive Slowly
When people have their boats secured, they need to drive slower than they normally would. The majority of people that work with these large boats will need to make sure they are driving a consistent speed so that the boat does not get away from them. When the boat begins to snake, it could tip over or cause a crash.
The Hitch
The hitch that is used to haul the boat must be strong enough to carry the weight of the boat and the rig. When the hitch is too weak, it could come loose while the driver is on the road. Also, a loose hitch could cause the boat to sway while it is driving down the road.
Side Mirrors
Most people who drive down the road with a boat need to add special side mirrors. These extended side mirrors will make it easier to see, and they will provide a way for the driver to see behind them while on the road.
Emergency Lights
The lights for the rig need to be connected to the tow car. This will allow people to see when the car is stopping, and these lights are required by law in most states.
The majority of people who drive their boat to the water need to follow the steps above to stay safe. If someone is missing a step, they need to make changes to have safe journeys in the future, or they can use the recommended towing service in Houston.

Towing in the winter tips and solution

Towing in the winter can be a tricky process. Overlooked details can make the entire ride uncomfortable and risky causing accidents, injuries, and issues with the law. In general, some tips may involve being aware of your vehicle’s specific towing capabilities; weight issues, materials needed, weather conditions, and adjusted driving techniques. Awareness of state laws and regulations in reference to towing should be added any one’s priority list.
Since towing in the winter can be a challenging process, some tips and any kind of solution can include the following:

Towing Capacity
Towing may consists of regular cars, trucks, SUV, or recreational vehicles. Awareness of proper weight distribution will make the entire towing job much smoother and safer.
Use of mirrors
Mirrors typically come in two types: Regular side-view and extended side-view. Extended side-view mirrors let drivers see both rear and side approaching traffic and they are very useful.
Operable lights
Individuals must have operable lights, which include: Brake lights, tail lights, and turn signals during the day, night, and under any climate condition. Winters can be unpredictable; therefore, any changeable conditions should be considered.
Checking all tires is recommended. Tires do need regular maintenance and replacement. For instance, tires that are over or under inflated will create trailer sway. The right amount of air pressure is imperative. Checking lug nuts to make sure they are secure is advisable.
Make sure that the brakes are working properly. Poorly functioning brakes can lead to disaster. The added weight from towing could make a collision that much more dangerous. Do give yourself plenty of extra room for braking. During the winter, roads are slippery. Speeding should be avoided as well. With all the added weight and length of a towed vehicle, increased speed does increase the amount of sway behind the driver.
Individuals are constantly inquiring about in & out towing in San Diego. Although there may be several variations based on the individual state, some individual extensive research may be helpful. However, any process or condition pertaining to in & out towing in San Diego does require all laws and regulations to be followed.
Individuals should be cognizant of any laws pertaining to driving and towing in the state the towing is taking place. Insurance companies may have regulations they expect to be followed when towing a vehicle. Always stay well equipped with all required materials.

Weather Driving Tips


There are many reasons to stay in the house. One of them is bad weather. When it is necessary to travel in weather that is potentially dangerous, it is important to know some basic driving tips for handling a vehicle safely when the weather conditions are not ideal for traveling.

Often the clash between the warm earth and the cool air cause fog to develop. This condition makes driving very difficult to navigate. One tip for combating this driving hazard is to have fog lights installed on your vehicle. These low-level lights help by shining extra light low on the road to help see farther ahead on the road. There is almost nothing that one can do about the presence of fog. Driving slow and taking extra precautions is necessary.

In areas where there is a lot of rainfall, it is essential that car and truck owners have an excellent set of rubber wipers. In areas of large amounts of rainfall, flash flooding is common. Never drive a vehicle through any large amount of water. There is a danger of what may be hiding under the water as well as the chance of stalling out the engine of the vehicle and leaving you stranded and needing a towing Concord CA.

Freezing Rain
The aspect of rain falling and freezing as soon as it hits a surface makes navigation and driving very difficult. Keep the defrost on high heat to keep the ice off the windshield. This situation is dangerous because of the obstructed view and the roads will be extremely slippery as well. It is advisable that one does not drive in this type of situation.

For those who are traveling in snow, a four-wheel drive vehicle is the best. If you do happen to have to drive in snow, it is important to take your time. Do not try to accelerate too quickly or slow down too late. This will cause the vehicle to slide side to side and could be the cause of you to having to call the services of towing Concord CA to get you out of the ditch.

When it comes to driving in rotten weather, there are a few basics to follow to ensure your safety. To be sure that you are totally safe, the best thing to do is to stay off the road on those gloomy bad weather days.